Heart Safe School- Fastest Record in Arkansas

LISA North Elementary School - has received official national certification as a HeartSafe School as of Nov. 1, 2023.  North Elementary received a perfect 47/47 score with a 13 second response time!  The fastest emergency response time for a Project ADAM designation drill in the state of Arkansas for any school district to date.  
So proud of the NES Code Blue team members who are made up of administrators, PE, nursing, instructional coaches, ISS facilitators, nutrition, and front office staff!  Their commendable response time and preparedness is reassuring that they will ready to act in the case of a true emergency.  
It takes teamwork and coordination from every level of the school to make this successful and help secure the health and safety of our students and staff members!  The team was led by Ms. Brown, Mr. Leaton, and Nurse Carrie but involved staff from across the building.  Through rigorous planning and hard work over the last six months, North Elementary has earned this great distinction.