Early Dismissal Wednesdays 21-22 School Year

LISA Academy has worked very hard to plan a great school year for the 2021-2022 upcoming year.  We have received some feedback from our families and we are making plans to improve our education based on that feedback, including our brand new hybrid school option.  We are planning to have early dismissal on Wednesdays in the coming school years. This will benefit students for additional time for making homework, activities, and relaxing in a mid-week. Moreover, our teachers will have Professional  Learning Community (PLC) meetings with other teachers and admins to share the best practices, explore new resources, being trained with innovative methods etc.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays will be regular on site instruction for all students.  Wednesdays will start normally; however, we will begin dismissing students at 1pm.  Students that require additional tutoring will be required to remain on campus for additional support until usual dismissal time 2:35.  If a student cannot be picked up at 1pm, families can also sign up for additional study hall for their students from approximately 1pm-2:35.

By dismissing a bit early on Wednesdays teachers can receive additional training on our new platforms, struggling students can receive focused instruction, and classrooms can receive additional cleaning. 

We thank you for your continued support to education and commitment to your scholars.