Red Ribbon Week 2019

October 21st-25th LISA Academy North Elementary highlights being Drug Free!
Monday:  "My future is BRIGHT without Drugs!
                  Students may wear bright/neon accessories (sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces etc) MUST WEAR                          UNIFORM!!
 Tuesday: "Lei Off Drugs!"
                  Students may wear a Hawaiian shirt or lei.  MUST WEAR UNIFORM PANTS if wearing an Hawaiian                      shirt.
 Wednesday: "It's CRAZY to do Drugs"
                        Students can wear crazy hair, crazy socks and uniform shirt inside out! MUST WEAR                                              UNIFORM!!
 Thursday:  "We MUSTACHE you to be drug free!"
                    Wear a mustache. MUST WEAR UNIFORM!!
 Friday:  "Drugs are scary, I'm ready to say NO to Drugs!"
               Students may wear all RED clothing, including accessories!